Copyright Issues

The WAI is NOT in the public domain I own the copyright to the items in the inventory. However, I will provide free Limited Copyright Release (LCR) to all potential research users. If your research is funded, and you have a budget for tests, I would appreciate you paying for the WAI —this helps me pay to keep this website going, to maintain the database etc. I would never deny a reseacher an LCR for lack of funds; I will issue the LCR first, and discuss fees after.

If you provide a for-fee service, and you would like to use parts (or all) of the WAI for a paid product, I expect you to pay for it.

To obtain an LCR click on this Copyright Release link and I will send out an electronic LCR specific to you and your project. I e-mail these LCRs once every ten days or so, please be patient, it will arrive.

How to get hold of various forms of the instrument:

You can get inspection copies of most of the material I have by clicking on the Downloads button in the menu bar. If you decide that the instrument meets your needs, please click on this Copyright Release link, it will take you to a web form to fill out and will, in turn, generate the copyright form that provides you with release to use the material for your project.

Fee schedule