Using the links below you can obtain many of the available English and translated versions of the WAI. Most downloads are available in both .pdf and .doc (Microsoft Word) forms. There may be some recent or seldom used  variants that I have not yet uploaded; if you think I might have a version not listed below; ask).

There are 23 (and counting) different language translations if the WAI. A number of these are available in more than one versions (i.e., full -36 item- and shorter version and some are available from different, localized, language communities that capture colloquial usage in diverse locations). As I become aware of variants, I will eventually post links to all of this material. This part of the project is an ongoing 'Work-In-Progress'.

These translations and adaptations are the work of independent researchers, unrelated to the original developers of the WAI. The amount of energy and resources each translator committed to the validation of these instruments varies, and in most cases unknown to me. It is up to the users to make certain that the translated instrument meets their requirements. If you are accessing a translated version, usually the download folder will include material identifying the translator and information she or he made available to me regarding the translation (& sometimes research related to the translated form).

In 2016 I gifted all the copyrights I owned with respect to the WAI and its derivatives to the Society for Psychotherapy Research (SPR). If you use one of these translations, I advise you to obtain a Limited Copyright Release (LCR) from SPR. If you publish research that utilized a translation, I encourage you to acknowledge the translator --they generously made the fruits of their labour available to others and deserve recognition for their work. 

If you are aware of a translation I don’t appear to have on the list; you can help the user community by sending me a copy -with ancillary material that you may have. 

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